1. We need some Amazing Folks!

    Looking for a fun job you can grow in? We have some positions open! So, let's meet... If you are looking to pursue one with a long time Tulsa family come in and apply today!

  2. Reopen Mondays at Riverside!

    The road construction isn't over, but school is starting...so, we are now open again on Mondays! Come by and get your treat afterschool!

  3. Eclipse 2017

    We are super excited for the eclipse, so of course we had to make cake! Our special eclipse cakes are available this week only...when the moon has passed by, so will these! Get one for your watch party today!

  4. It's Grillin' Time!

    Summertime is here & so are the buns for your outdoor cooking! Hamburger or Bratwurst buns are available through Labor Day at Merritt's Bakery. You can feel like you are at the ballpark all summer long! On sale now for only $2.50

  5. Cookie Sale!!!

    Our annual Back to School Cookie Sale runs this Thursday to Saturday ! If you buy a dozen, you get another dozen FREE...So, everyone can have their favorite! Hurry in - this only last for a few days!